Fedora 18 Release Party - Panama (English Version)

On Saturday January 12 was held at the Community Center the Fedora 18 Release Party in the company of the Open Source and Fedora Community of Panama.

The event started a bit late, say 40 minutes later than the original time. However, as for the 1:40 pm we had a considerable amount of people present to start the FRP. The introductory words were led by Kovalevsky, a member of the Fedora Community of Panama.

The event began with a brief explanation about how to install Fedora linux as an operating system dictated by Loris Gaudiano so that new users have a small idea of how to install the system on their laptops. Note that this same weekend started the summer workshops proposed by Floss-Pa community where it is a different theme related to Free Software every weekend.

Then we had a small conference tittled "Education with Fedora" by Batista Johel about how Fedora it can be implemented in the education's world.

And finally the last exhibition was about the new features that offer the latest version of Fedora "Spherical Cow" led by aeperezt. There was talk about the new, comprehensive and friendly Anaconda installer could be, commenting how easy it is now set differents installation aspects as: keyboard settings, disk partitioning, language, etc.

In the middle of the event, we had the opportunity to talk with users from other communities, share ideas and discuss the new features it brings Fedora 18 while enjoying some snacks. The event concluded with a cake "camelona" commemorating the new version.

Here you can see some pictures of everything that happened.